The Ready Schools Initiative is a design-thinking framework to support school districts in aligning their curricular and programmatic offerings to the educational and workforce needs of Southwest Central Indiana.

Within our region, this workforce need is most pressing in our three key industry sectors: advanced manufacturing, life sciences, and national security and defense. The goal of this initiative is to enable schools to engage business leaders, community stakeholders, parents and students in meaningful dialogue about what success means within their community and to develop a plan to obtain that success. The result of this process will be a systemic approach designed to support students in achieving their academic and career goals that are aligned with the workforce opportunities in Southwest Central Indiana.

Beginning in 2017-2018, Regional Opportunity Initiatives, Inc., will assist and fund cohorts of school districts over the next three years. Selected cohort districts will receive a development grant of up to $150,000 to employ a District Readiness Coordinator to oversee activities. District cohorts will also be eligible to apply for implementation funding following the 9-month Ready Schools process.

For more information, view the Ready Schools Program Overview.