Regional Opportunity Initiatives, Inc., is supporting and planning for investments in quality of place development that has the potential to benefit the entire Southwest Central Indiana region. The following is a list of regional engagement initiatives launched by ROI:

Interstate 69 Interchange Analysis

ROI is working with HWC Engineering to conduct an analysis of the I-69 interchanges in the Southwest Central Indiana region. HWC has engaged with regional stakeholders and analyze the existing conditions at each interchange in Daviess, Greene, and Monroe Counties. HWC has been hired to help the region establish a cohesive vision and set of goals for the system of interchanges along the I-69 Corridor in our region, an outline of the opportunities/constraints to development at each interchange, and a work plan to identify key strategies necessary to implement plan recommendations.

Competitive Positioning—Regional Branding

ROI has retained Dartlet and Fourth Economy to help us with the research and consensus-building necessary to define our competitive position. This project will help us clarify and define “who” we are as a region and position Southwest Central Indiana as a desirable place for businesses and individuals to work, live, play and invest. Read more.